Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head
Temperature Controlled Shower Head

Temperature Controlled Shower Head

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LED is a popular technology electronic product today. It's a product that can make your life colourful, your shower room will become a dream world, and make your life full of passionate and colourful high-tech photoelectric products. You can be monotonous shower even at night without lights become extraordinary splendour, in the shower room shower is very bright.

The intelligent lighting induction shower is designed with high-quality project ABS as raw material, and the design and opening of every product are tested through many links. The holes on the sprinklers are smooth and clean, and there are no production errors, defects and burrs. The appearance is beautiful, coordination. Small sprinklers can also be instantly transformed into a fashion and beautiful art.
1.Enhance water pressure
2.Water saving 40%
3.Purify water
4.Hydroelectric power
5. 3 colour changing of LED help you know the water temperature, when the temperature is below 31degrees, the colour is green; when the temperature is between 32-43degrees, the colour is blue; when the temperature is between 44-50degrees, the colour is red.

DOUBLE MINERALS FILTER SYSTEM: Far infrared mineralization ball, removes heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and impurities in the water, giving you softer skin and hair, and optimum deodorization. Negative ion ball process is created that helps your skin better absorb nutrients and stay softer.

LED TEMPERATURE CONTROL SENSOR: As the temperature of the water changes, cold water, warm water, and hot water show different colours. When the water temperature is below or equal to 31degrees, it is automatically shown as green. When the water temperature is at 32-43 degrees, the water is shown to be blue. When the water temperature is at 44-50 degrees, it shows red. The red light flashes when the water temperature is above 51 degrees, remind you to be scalded carefully!

ENERGY CONSERVATION: The high-speed strong magnet motor is used to ensure that the generator is normally driven under high water pressure to provide high brightness LED normal lighting, without power supply (battery), and is safe and environmentally friendly. The service life is more than 6000h.

EASY TO INSTALL: Easy to adapt to your existing shower, just unscrewing the old shower heads and screws in this position, providing a very soft but powerful spray and removable and convenient cleaning.

Product Name: Negative ion Stone pressurization water saving Shower Head
Material: PC
Function: Rainfall
Light numbers:12 pc
Installation Mode: G 1/2''
Water pressure:0.05-0.4MPA(0.05-4KGS )
Working temperature:0-80 degree

Package Included:
1 x Shower Head(no hose)

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